4 Tips For A Contemporary Style Living Room

Tips For A Contemporary Style Living Room

living room contemporary styleA contemporary style living room can be a comfortable and quiet retreat from the stress of the modern world.

There are a lot of people who assume that contemporary living rooms will be minimalistic and cold, but this is not accurate. If you want to create a contemporary living room, there are some tips that you should consider that can help you achieve this.

The Colors

The main colors in the contemporary style are black, white and neutrals. This palette can be accented with bold and bright colors, but should not be overwhelmed by this. The black in the palette is often used to define the room and ground it. Walls are generally painted in basic neutral colors while furniture is a lighter color.

The Line And Space

One of the most distinctive aspects of the contemporary style of interior design is the lines. This is seen in contemporary architecture and should be translated into your living room. Bold colors can help accent the lines through geometric shapes in art and sculpture in the room. The bare space between pieces of furniture is also important and will help the lines stand out more.

In a contemporary living room, less is generally more. Each piece of furniture should stand out as unique and individual. You should also look at taking advantage of some of the structural elements in the room such as broken bricks to provide stability and texture.

Using Contemporary Style Furniture

The furniture that you use in the living room should also be in the contemporary style. The furniture should be smooth and clean in geometric shapes. Any upholstered furniture should be black, white or neutral tones to keep in line with the contemporary color palette. The fibers should also be natural and textured.

If the fabrics you use are not natural, they should have a natural look. This can be the natural look of wool, cotton, jute or silk. To add appeal to the furniture, you need to add texture, but ensure that you do not clutter the furniture. The furniture should not have curves and decorations so exposed legs on sofas and chairs are recommended.

The Flooring

A lot of people neglect the floor when they decorate and design their living room. The floor should be bare and a smooth surface such as tile, wood or vinyl.

contemporary flooring

If you have to use a carpet to increase the comfort and warmth of the living room, you need to look at commercial grades. The carpets should also have geometric patterns to keep in line with the overall contemporary style of the room. The colors of the carpets can vary from the contemporary palette to bold colors used to accent the other aspects of the room.

There are many tips that you need to consider when you look at having a contemporary style living room. It is important to remember that less is more and that you need to have clear lines to the room. There is a color palette that you need to use which can be accented with bolder colors.