Why Should You Choose A Contemporary Style Of Decor

living room contemporary styleWhen it comes to decorating your home, there are many different decorating styles that you can choose from. Some of these include traditional, modern, contemporary, vintage, country, rustic etc. One of the most popular styles to choose is contemporary decor but most people get confused between this type and modern decor.

Contemporary vs. Modern Decor

Both contemporary and modern decor are quite similar with common characteristics, but they have different methods and histories. Modern decor is connected to the age of machination and industrialization that started between the 1920’s – 1950’s. Contemporary style on the other hand, refers to what is being made right now; the present time which means that it is always changing and quite eclectic. The main reason why people often mix up these two styles is because a lot of the modern styles are popular right now, making it quite contemporary.

Open Floor Plan

One reason why contemporary design is so desirable is because it promotes the use of an open floor plan. This is where each room flows into each other as opposed to being completely boxed off from one other. For example, a living room and kitchen in one space, where there aren’t any separating walls. This actually gives the home a feel of airiness and spaciousness that is quite light and inviting. As a result, by switching to a contemporary layout, you will feel a lot more comfortable in your home and be able to entertain guests while cooking.

Show Off Your Personal Style

Next, contemporary design is all about showcasing one’s personality and unique sense of style through the choice of furniture. By purchasing unique furniture and accessories that complement your home and personality, you will make your home an extension of yourself, which it should be. Contemporary design allows you to express who you truly are and share it with others.

Clean Simple Lines

One of the ways in which modern and contemporary currently meet is through the use of clean, simple lines throughout the home. This basically means purchasing couches, rugs, chairs, lamps etc, that all have clean lines that make the space look beautiful and comfortable.

Various Materials

Another element of contemporary design is that of balance or yin and yang. This is expressed in the types of materials that are used throughout the home. Both natural materials and modern, industrial materials are used in the same space. For example, a contemporary home can have both natural materials such as cedar, mahogany and stone as well as steel and concrete.

Large Windows Let In Light

Large windows are also another element of contemporary design. This has two main benefits and the first being is that it will add a lot of natural light into your home. The other benefit is that sunlight is very beneficial to the human body and can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Final Thoughts

In closing, a contemporary style of decor is quite beautiful since it combines modern style and comfort. By decorating your home in this way, you will undoubtedly enjoy living in your home even more and enjoy showing it off to your friends and family.