Contemporary Bathroom Light Fixtures

Contemporary Bathroom Light Fixtures For The Modern Bathroom

Give your bathroom a contemporary look with a collection of modern bathroom lights. Add a touch of elegance and bathe in the soft white glow from European styled wall sconces, bath tub lighting and ceiling light fixtures for your bathroom.

1. Diffused Lighting

You can choose LED lighting for an energy efficient modern look. For an ideal blend of beauty and function, use diffused light through frosted glass to illuminate your vanity space. For an ultra-modern bathroom-look choose sleek, polished chrome light fixtures or flush mounted ceiling lights for a more understated look.

2. Multiple Light Sources

A modern bathroom should have multiple light sources and beautiful contemporary light fixtures. Recessed lights over counter tops are a great way to light up a work area, but in a bathroom, it can have a ghoulish effect that shows up every little wrinkle when putting on makeup or shaving.

Used in conjunction with other light fixtures it will minimize the effect it has. For lighting up the face there is no better method than a straight-on light, Hollywood-style. The best way is to have both horizontal and vertical lighting fixtures around the mirror to illuminate every inch of the face.

3. Dimmer Switch

Dimmers come in handy for times when you don’t want a blinding light shining into your eyes like early mornings or nighttime visits to the bathroom.

4. Tub Lighting

For a different approach, tub lighting can look great and involves a single light directly over the bathtub. This lighting works wonders to highlight the tub and gives the water a clean, sparkly look.

Different lighting accents can transform the way a bathroom looks. Accent lights on the edges of the bathtub trick the eye into believing that space is larger than it actually is. Accent lights are also great for highlighting decorative accessories in the bathroom.

Tub and shower lighting fixtures are a safe way to add interesting light to your bathroom and reduce the risk of injury.

For a relaxing vibe, use lighting with a soft glow or even soft colored lighting. The choice of contemporary bathroom light fixtures is endless with streamlined vertical wall fixtures, modern wall sconces or beautiful ceiling lighting.

5. Mini Chandelier

For a more luxurious feel, why not try a dazzling mini-chandelier that will sparkle and reflect the light from other sources in the bathroom.

6. Bathroom Vanity Lights

A vanity is where all precision tasks take place like shaving and applying makeup and therefore should have ample lighting. A clever mixture of vanity lighting will ensure that there are no shadows when using the mirror.

Precise placement of vanity lighting will illuminate the whole face evenly and eliminate any shadows under the eyes, chin, and cheeks. Vanity light fixtures should be mounted on either side of the mirror, either on the wall or on the mirror itself, ideally 36 inches to 40 inches apart, and the light bulb should be approximately at eye level.

The most popular choices for contemporary bathroom vanity lighting are wall fixtures and light bars which are great for saving space and providing excellent light. Wall lights include sconces and brackets which are ideal for complementing overhead lights in a bathroom.