Contemporary Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Vs. Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

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Contemporary Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Vs. Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights – Which Are Better?

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The correct lighting is essential to make a room presentable and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, finding the ideal type of lighting can be a complex task. Nowadays, contemporary flush mount light fixtures have become the more popular alternative providing a modern approach to interior design. However, the semi-flush lights do still present with some benefits to keep the property attractive while still bringing in some antique qualities. This article will examine the differences between the two and determine which are better – contemporary flush mount ceiling lights or semi-flush ceiling lights.

What Are The Characteristics?

1. The Flush Mount Lighting

A flush mount lighting fixture is a type of light fixture presenting with no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. It is available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, but the most common of these styles is a circular design with white covering. This lighting is easily and seamlessly blended with the interior or exterior design theme and is typically used in minimalist approaches. However, it is still possible to locate ornate flush lighting features to blend with fancier decor.

2. The Semi-Flush Lighting

A semi-flush lighting fixture is almost identical to the flush mount fixture, but the defining feature is that there is a gap between the light and the ceiling. A stem will hold the fixture down making it seem like a form of pendant light but not as low. The gap is most often only a few inches in length and this design is commonly more innate than the flush mount option. Of course, it is possible to find semi-flush styles that will combine with a minimalist approach.

What Are The Uses?

Both styles of lighting can be utilized in the majority of rooms in a property, particularly where there is a need for ambient or general lightly. The goal for both styles is to create the look of natural lighting within a limited space. Both of these designs are ideal if the ceiling in the property is low as they will be close to the ceiling and considered “out of the way”. This can maximize the space in the room and even make the room seem larger than it is with the ceilings appearing deceivingly higher.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

1. The Flush Mount Lighting

A flush mount lighting option is suitable if you do not wish to spend time cleaning the fixture. Due to its flush position with the ceiling, there is no possibility for dirt to accumulate within the fixture. Unfortunately, changing the light bulb requires removal of the entire lighting fixture.

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CANARM Piera 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Furthermore, it does not have make a strong impression regarding decor and if you wish to add some style it would not be a good option.

2. The Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

If you are searching for something with flair, this is the ideal option because it features interesting ornaments without being too low to the ground. It is also easier to replace a light bulb because you do not need to remove the fixture. Unfortunately, the semi-flush mount ceiling light will need to be cleaned regularly as dust can accumulate in the fixture.